When purchasing property, having a good, …no, a great conveyancer is a must. Through my position as a Buyer’s Advocate, buying around ten properties a month, I’ve worked with many conveyancers but have found that there are few that go above and beyond. When my clients ask me who they should seek advice from it is Lexus Conveyancing every time. My clients have reported back that Lexus’ hard working mentality, attention to detail, quick response time and industry knowledge is second to none. Having seen that there are so many potential pit falls for purchasers it’s great to have the team at Lexus on side to achieve great results, hassle free.
by Jake Milne
, Infolio Property Advisors
From the original review of both potential properties’ paperwork, through to those tense last few hours before settlement I found everyone from Lexus I dealt with to be prompt and efficient. I received feedback from my broker saying the same thing. I won’t hesitate recommending your services amongst my circle.
by Josephine
I have been very impressed with your service. I have a fairly large circle of friends and I shall take every opportunity to recommend Lexus Conveyancing.
by Shiva
Thanks Lexus for your efficiency and professionalism in dealing with our settlement.
by Emily & Dan
We greatly appreciate all the wonderful help, for the advice you’ve given, and for the quality of your professional work.
by Christopher & Michael
Thanks again for all your time and effort. Lexus has done a wonderful job, and I’m extremely happy with the way things have been done.
by Conrad
We would like to thank you for all your help in assisting us to purchase our first home. We certainly felt at ease during the process as your service was most professional and very timely.
by Shayen & Hoa
The speed and efficiency in delivering your services is impeccable and it is always a delight to engage in your services.
by Michelle
Julie Pugh was excellent (to the point I didn’t need to call her once, I was constantly updated and knew exactly where everything stood at all times)…Having good people who know what they are doing is imperative to not losing your hair in this process.
by James
Thank you so much for pushing it through on such a tight time frame. I’m really pleased with the work your firm has done and will no doubt recommend it to anyone who is looking for a similar service.
by Vesta

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